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Build A Bot

Build-A-Bot allows users to build, test, refine, and even trade their own automated trading systems; no programming experience needed! This video shows how to start with an idea for a strategy, test it, and refine it using many of Build A Bot’s unique features.

7 Minutes

BB Divergence Bot

The BB Divergence Bot trades based on crosses of the Bollinger Band upper or lower band, along with bullish or bearish divergence, to find countertrend trading opportunities.

9 Minutes

MACD Mover

The MACD Mover places trades when the MACD line is above the MACD Signal and other filters are also in place.

5 Minutes

EMA Climber

The EMA Climber places trades based on moving average crossover and the Parabolic SAR is in the right position.

12 Minutes

T3 Cross Bot

This is the T3 Cross Bot, which uses one T3 Tilson cross for the entry, and a different T3 Tilson cross for the exit. There are also optional EMA and ADX filters.

8 Minutes


Handyman places trades based on the CCI crossing above or below certain levels, and uses a Simple Moving Average filter for opening and closing trades.

4 Minutes

BB Keltner Bot

This is the BB Keltner Bot, which uses the Keltner Channel for entry and the Bollinger Bands for exits. It also includes an optional Momentum filter.

9 Minutes

RSI Scalper

This is the RSI Scalper strategy, using the RSI in Overbought and Oversold position to place trades for small profits.

5 Minutes

EMA Connect Bot

This is the EMA Connect Bot, which uses 3 Moving Averages for entry trigger, as well as optional MACD and Bollinger Band filters.

8 Minutes

The Ranging Cloud

The Ranging Cloud uses the Ichimoku Cloud with Moving Average and ADX filters to place trades in ranging markets.

8 Minutes

Market Magnet (Forex)

The Market Magnet (Forex) Prime SmartScript, as well as the strategy behind it, was discussed at length during a Build A Bot webinar. This is the segment of the webinar where it was detailed.

18 Minutes

December Donchian

This strategy was built during a Build A Bot webinar in December, and it uses the Donchian Channel and MACD to place trades. The name is not terribly original, but the strategy is still pretty awesome.

8 Minutes

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