Lesson 1 : What is Build A Bot?

Build A Bot was created for the average trader that has a desire to trade. There are no “minimum skills” required to use the SmartScript, just a desire to learn, a little patience, and the ability to follow simple instructions. Watch this lesson to see how we built this tool and why!


Lesson 2 : Intro to Trading System Development

Before you dive down the rabbit hole and start trying out variations of random settings just to see how it turns out, there are some key concepts to learn about trading system development. These concepts will help guide your efforts while you are creating, testing, and refining your own trading systems.


Lesson 3 : Triggers

The first Trading System Component is the Trigger Mechanism. The Trigger Mechanism is what causes a trade to be placed and provides accuracy for your trading system. Timing the entry is important because if you get in too early, you might stop out or experience a heavy drawdown before it comes into profit. If you get in too late, then you might miss out on potential profit or get stopped out when the move is exhausted.


Lesson 4 : Filters

Filters define the direction which the strategy can trade in and provide the precision for your system. In other words, Filters tell the Trigger which direction it’s allowed to trade in, and “filter out” the Triggers that may not be ideal due to market conditions.


Lesson 5 : Exit Criteria

How and where you close a trade is just as critical as how and where you enter it. You can have the best entry strategy but an unprofitable system overall because it gets out too late or too early. The timing for entries and exits will never be perfect, but with proper planning and development you can find an optimal “middle ground” where the entries and exits work in tandem.


Lesson 6 : Build A Bot Settings

Build A Bot has a lot of settings, and it can be a bit daunting when you look at them all. In this eBook Manual we cover all the settings. We also walk you through how to take what you are seeing on the chart and translate it to Build A Bot for effective system development and refinement.

15 pages

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