Currency Strength and Regression Analysis Video Training

Learn how the addition of these Currency Strength and Regression Analysis techniques could improve your trading!

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Welcome to the WSI Course

Getting started with the WSI Course.


Video #1: WSI Dashboard Inputs

Learn what the inputs mean and what to adjust when you add the WSI Dashboard to a chart.


Video #2: Intro to Currency Strength

Learn more about the basics of Currency Strength and how it can be useful in your analysis.


Video #3: Correlation Analysis

Find out how to use the Correlation Coefficient with price and with the WSI.


Video #4: Linear Regression

Learn how to use Linear Regression and the Linear Regression Channel for trend and range trading.


Video #5: Price Distribution Part 1

Dive deeper into how to use the Linear Regression Channel, Standard Deviation, and the Correlation Coefficient.


Video #6: Price Distribution Part 2

Learn how to combine Skew and Kurtosis to give you two perspectives on price and the WSI.


Video #7: The Efficiency Ratio

Learn more about the Efficiency Ratio with examples and strategies.


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