How Daily Encapsulations in Forex Can Show Profit Opportunities

Traders need significant market movement in order to succeed. Price action that only moves sideways might not cause a loss, but it will often waste a trader’s time. Using daily encapsulations in trading charts can show when the movement of a stock or currency pair is worth buying or selling.

A daily encapsulation works well in a chart with timeframes that are less than one day (15 minutes, one hour, etc.). It creates a box around each day’s movement and allows the visualization of a currency pair’s movement within each day. In some trading software, it also can calculate a daily moving average.

Within each day, a currency pair’s movement is called its daily trading range. If a pair is moving within the average trading range over a period of time, the movement in that pair is viewed as being in a consolidation pattern — also referred to as moving sideways, or having less potential for profit.

So when a daily range exceeds the recent average for any given currency pair, a trader is able to identify that movement as a profit opportunity. If the price of the pair is high, a bullish move pulling the price back could be expected next.

A trader looking for several small wins, however, might use this indicator to spot reversal points in a pair’s price.

SmartTrader’s daily encapsulation tool operates automatically with the click of one button. Pairing it with a daily trading range indicator can show how volatile a pair is (or isn’t), and whether profit potential truly exists within its waves of movement over a period of time. Chief’s DTR in SmartTrader, for instance is capable of showing a 20-day average. It automatically calculates an average by looking at the high and low prices during that period and places a quick-reference number in a trader’s chart.

SmartTrader also provides a Weekly Encapsulation tool, which uses the same functionality to provide weekly information rather than daily for a broader, more long-term look at timeframes for moving averages or other information.

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