SmartTrader to Perform Broker Name Service Maintenance

As part of continuing efforts to provide users with a reliable, streamlined experience, SmartTrader will be performing maintenance on the broker name service list starting June 16.  

Currently, users looking to select their broker will find a long list, filled with many duplicates. This process will help users identify their broker faster and easier, so they can get started with live trading.

This update will only impact existing SmartTrader users, and many users will not need to take any action at all to continue trading. Some users will see the message below, notifying them that they need to update their broker to the correct name. This does not mean the broker has been removed, only that the name service has been updated. 

If you see this notification, please go to the Trading Menu and click Manage Accounts. Go into your trading account and update your broker to the correct name. If you have any questions or experience issues making this update, please reach out to customer support.

Additionally, several brokers (Coinexx, HugosWay, LMFX, LQD1, PaxForex, TradersWay) will soon be removed from the SmartTrader platform. In serving our mission of creating a great client experience for trading and to protect customers from too high of risk, these brokers will no longer be approved for use on SmartTrader as of July 1.

Reasons for removal include, but are not limited to: brokers that are non-regulated, non-compliant, or otherwise fail to meet the standards for the best trading experience on SmartTrader.

After July 31, if you already have an account with one or more of these brokers, you will need to manage your open positions directly through your broker’s platform. If you would like help finding a new broker, click here for more information from 123Trade.