Trading VPS: A Way to Ensure Automated Trading Setups Go Through

Cloud-based charting and trading platforms enable automated trading around the clock. It’s important to know, though, that they typically require a running computer for automation. In trading, VPS can enable this without a need for you to keep a computer powered on (and connected to the internet) at all times.

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is a reliable safeguard against a glitch in your computer or your wi-fi/modem. You see, when your computer goes to sleep, freezes up or loses power, a cloud-based system won’t run. That’s because the cloud stores your information but doesn’t compute it.

You can have a cloud-based system such as SmartTrader running on multiple computers. That gives you a choice. You can make sure at least one of your computers (or your smartphone) is running it and has information constantly updating with the data you need.

Some traders, however will use VPS instead. It’s like having a remote computer running that someone else maintains, and your charting or trading software can securely access it in the cloud. That computer is always on, and it’s always running 24/7. 

Basic VPS services for individuals are not that expensive — about $5 U.S., or 5 euros a month. They can even be used for as little as $2 U.S. a month. Some brokers will offer VPS as well, depending on your account size in some instances.

If you’re not sure which VPS company to choose, our parent company (Market Traders Institute) has a resource to help pick out a provider. Contabo and 1&1 are among many reliable providers for VPS capability. If you have more questions, click here for more info.

Let’s say you’re not running VPS and you see that your cloud-based charting platform is frozen on your screen. What can you do? Well, a quick solution is to log into your smartphone to keep it running, or a tablet or another computer you can access. Then you can try to troubleshoot the problem. You might see stalled activity because of a computer issue or because of your internet provider. Either way, a cloud-based service like SmartTrader can use any computer including your phone to keep running. 

Of course, if a trading VPS is running, you don’t need to worry. And it doesn’t matter where your vps is located. The provider could be in any country and doesn’t need to be where you live. 

The SmartTrader Pro charting platform can enable your automated trading. Right now, you can try SmartTrader Pro for 30 days for just $27. Click here to see how the right software can simplify your charts so you can grow your portfolio. For a boost in automated functions (as well as speed and accuracy) that’s compatible with VPS function, give it a try today.