Forex Trading Strategies Added among Latest SmartTrader Updates

Volatility seemingly dominates Forex and stock markets on any given day of late. That means opportunities to profit are everywhere you look (particularly in currency pairs). The ability to integrate Forex trading strategies and tools directly into your charts can be critical to success. 

In order to minimize risk and maximize gains, our SmartTrader team is committed to bringing you the most powerful, up-to-date trading software possible.

Here are a few of the most recent upgrades that our technology team has put into our users’ hands:

  • The Smart Gauge tool is now available. This appears as a widget on the right side of your screen and displays general market direction, whether it’s bullish or bearish, and measures the strength of the opportunity (if you want to know more about Smart Gauge, just click here to watch a video explainer).
  • The new Pockets indicator is now available to help traders spot bullish or bearish profit opportunities with confirmation (if you want to know more about Pockets, just click here to watch a video explainer).
  • Pending orders now continue to appear on traders’ screens even when the user opts to hide Smart Fibonacci from view in charts.
  • Traders can now place a single anchor-point object on a chart using Autoselect, and then switch to a different currency pair.
  • A new Pip Value method for risk-percentage calculation, via our SmartScripts functionality, has been introduced.
  • Cross-reference ability is now available, which allows SmartScripts to reference market prices for any currency pair or time frame different from the one it is being run on.
  • Our engineers have increased the speed of retrieving Forex and Crypto data, helping you compete even more effectively in the markets.

And that’s just during the past 60 days! Users of SmartTrader will continue to benefit from our commitment to clients.

If you haven’t experienced the power of the Pro plan in SmartTrader, you can try it for 30 days for just $27 right now: Click here to begin your path with SmartTrader and see how simply your charting software can help your portfolio grow thanks to its speed, accuracy and automated functions.