Forex Trading Systems: Automation and Hands-On Working Together

Choosing the best Forex trading systems for your goals should include a mix of automation and hands-on software. 

Things move fast in Forex: The market sees $5.3 billion in activity every day … nearly 190 times the daily volume of the N.Y. Stock Exchange, and greater than all other global markets combined. That means you’ll always have buyers and sellers. 

Be sure that you choose trading and charting systems that are designed to work together with speed and accuracy. That’s because in Forex, you will have the ability to trade without restrictive time limits. You can stay in a trade for just seconds, or for months. It’s up to you and your goals. And you won’t face unnecessary waiting, or penalties when you’re ready to pull your money out.

You’ll also want to be sure your charting software allows you to trade directly from your workspaces when you see an opportunity, and set alerts to call those opportunities to your attention. SmartTrader’s cutting-edge technology includes those capabilities, with MetaTrader 4 compatibility that powers your moves.

Forex trading systems also need to work with more than a dozen currency pairs. Although there are eight major currencies traded, educators such as Market Traders Institute will teach you how to seek out top setups in more than 20 currency pairs and provide the tools you need to capture repeatable wins.

A charting system designed to work seamlessly with automated trading robots (Expert Advisors, or EAs) or indicators from the same parent company will provide reliable speed for your trades when you need it most. And that’s exactly the relationship that SmartTrader and Market Traders Institute provide to thousands of traders daily.

If you want to add the power of the SmartTrader Pro plan to your charting abilities, right now you can try it for 30 days for just $27. Click here to see how simply your charts can help your portfolio grow when you have the right software — thanks to its speed, accuracy and automated functions — and begin your path with SmartTrader.