Trading Strategies in Forex: Exchanging Ideas in an Online Community

Finding the best trading strategies in Forex can be key to meeting your goals. Building a complete portfolio for profitability often requires using several diversified strategies. So top traders are always on the lookout for an approach they can add to their arsenal.

Plenty of market veterans know there’s no harm in sharing their setups. With trillions of dollars changing hands every day, there’s certainly room to spread the news.

One place that pros go to share their setups is the Ideas section of SmartTrader. Analysts at parent company Market Traders Institute often post their charts in this community.

When you open an idea that an analyst or another top traders has shared, the cloud-based technology that SmartTrader uses allows you to “press play” and see how well it’s performed.

Users can comment and discuss the trading strategies in Forex that are being shared. And users can share these ideas on their own social-media pages. 

Also, users can even save the idea into their own charts. Then it becomes your own individual chart where you can add your own analysis, notes and indicators that only you will be able to see. 

Traders using SmartTrader 360Pro will note Ideas from Analyst on Demand (AOD) sessions, providing even more information from top traders that anyone can put to use. It’s a great way for SmartTrader users on other plans to take a peek into the information that’s available in AOD if attending those educational sessions isn’t an option.

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