SmartTrader 6.0 Upgrade: Your Questions Answered

Hi, traders!

Here are a few more nuggets about the free SmartTrader 6.0 upgrade, which we’re excited about … 

  • Version 6.0 adds powerful new tools, even inside your charts for quick use, and perform even faster than before.
  • This upgrade makes our most-used features easier to work with, because our designers listened to traders’ needs when building the latest features
  • 6.0 also allows us to make future SmartTrader improvements, so we can add even more features down the road and ensure that they’ll be easy to use, too.

The free Version 6.0 upgrade is live now — just log in and you’ll see it at work for you! 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about SmartTrader 6.0:

Q: “Why was 6.0 created?” 

A: We are committed to providing the latest technology to all our traders, so you can win your trades as easily as possible.

Q: “What does it cost?” 

A: 6.0 is an upgrade to SmartTrader and is part of every subscription, at no extra cost.

Q: “Which levels of SmartTrader will get 6.0?” 

A: All plans will get 6.0 functionality. (Premium content will still cost extra, and some features such as Smart Analytics or Trading Strategies will still vary by plan as they already do.)

Q: “Why does this make sense?” 

A: We listened to traders of all levels, from beginners to our pros, and used that feedback to design this free upgrade.

Q: “What is the biggest change in 6.0?”

A: Our workspace functions have been redesigned to give you more ways to work the way you want, with more speed so you can react immediately to market conditions. First, we moved the Workspaces icon from the top toolbar to the left-side toolbar, placing it closer to other functions traders use most when in workspaces. Next, we added the ability to rename, save or share a workspace just by hovering over its name in your workspace list and clicking “settings.” And: We’ve added a lot of user functionality for your workspace lists … reorganize your workspace lists to move between them in the way you’d like most … search your workspaces quickly to find what you want, rather than scrolling … a tighter workspace list design so you can scroll more quickly when you need too, with your active workspace highlighted in bold type with a blue highlight bar above it. Finally, we’ve redesigned the pop-up that allows you to add a new workspace, for faster use.

Q: “What else is improved in 6.0?”

A: You have a new chart menu, repositioned toolbars and movable toolbars in your charts for speedier use, new icons with a new color scheme, and expanded ability to store historical prices. It’s all based on trader feedback and designed to make your charting and trading happen more efficiently than ever.

Q: “What if I’m Not using SmartTrader yet?”

A: Sign up and you’ll start with SmartTrader 6.0 on the first day! Right now, you can try SmartTrader Pro for 30 days for just $27. Click here to see how the right software can simplify your charts so you can grow your portfolio. To see your charts in an entirely new light, start your trial today.