SmartTrader Version 6.0 is Live

More than an ordinary upgrade, SmartTrader Version 6.0 is live today! This contains so many new features, we want to get the word out.

Our developers took a look at feedback from our circle of traders, to ensure that SmartTrader’s new functionality is easy to use. This truly improves the charting and trading experience. Our pros have been testing it already, and now it’s ready for you to use … and it’s included in your existing subscription at no extra charge.

Here’s a quick run-through of the new capabilities SmartTrader has added with Version 6.0:

⦿ One-click functionality is expanded with new menus. So even more tools, layouts, ideas and more can run with just a tap.

⦿ We’ve increased speed throughout SmartTrader. Our engineers made it even more capable of running your indicators and custom scripts efficiently. That means you could spot every opportunity that fits your goals.

⦿ The most-used toolbars and menus now integrate with one another better than ever. Traders gave us their feedback on how they work in the live-market environment. We made sure that the way they work was at the heart of the Version 6.0 redesign process.

⦿ Workspaces are more powerful than ever. Commands to auto-scale and change time frames are now right in your charts. You can also quickly change to percent view rather than price, plus other frequently used functions are easier than ever before. 

To find out more and put 6.0 to work for you, simply log into SmartTrader.

Other significant upgrades available now include:

  • Ability to stop and edit SmartScript settings
  • New color values help you see Smart Fibonacci even more simply
  • For those using premium tools (sold separately), adjustments have made Smart Wave more friendly to different types of traders.
  • Also, new Basket Trader Pro and Equalizer premium tools are available.

And more! Be sure to check in so you know all the latest as it happens.

Level up and make the most of SmartTrader, with all the latest speed and efficiency changes. Find your edge to stand atop the Forex and stock-trading crowd. 

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